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6 Simple Things You Need to Know About the Oofos OOlala

Spring is on its way here, and it's time to get your feet ready. One of the best things you can do this spring for your feet is to help them relax. Taking the time to exercise and getting your body moving will always be beneficial. It's just as vital to give your body time to relax and recover. Your feet do a lot of work during the day and while exercising. Wearing shoes that take the pressure off your feet helps to keep supporting your body.

While you may wish you could unwind when your day is over, that's not always realistic. After a good workout or a long day at work, we sometimes have errands or housework. When shoes are still required, there are shoes made to reduce the stress on your feet. You can run these errands in shoes that give your feet a break from sneakers, wedges, or whatever you wear during the day. The brand Oofos is all about relaxing and their shoe, the Oofos OOlala, is one of our favorite styles. Here are six things you should know about the Oofos OOlala.

What is the Oofos OOlala?

Oofos is a company that focuses on recovery and has a variety of shoes they sell. One of our favorites is the Oofos OOlala. The OOlala is a sandal that has arch support and a diamond-grid footbed pattern to promote natural motion.

  1. Designed for Comfort – OOlalas feature a unique, patented footbed that absorbs impact and provides arch support.

  2. Stylish Look – Different colors and designs, so you can find the perfect pair to match your wardrobe.

  3. Lightweight – At only 7.2 ounces, it’s one of the lightest shoes on the market.

  4. Durable – Made with durable, high-quality foam that will last for years.

  5. Water-resistant – To be worn in all kinds of weather.

  6. Breathable – A breathable upper material keeps your feet cool and comfortable all day.

  7. Anti-slip Sole – So you can wear them in all kinds of environments.

  8. Easy to Clean – Easy to clean and maintain, so you can keep them looking great for years.

  9. Award-winning – Footwear Industry Award for Best Shoe of the Year.

Can you wear Oofos all day?

A commonly asked question about Oofos shoes is if you can wear them all day. We understand, because who doesn't want superior comfort and support while on your feet? Oofos designed their shoes for recovery. Recovery shoes are made to support your muscles while they recover. Oofoos patented OOfoam provides 37% more shock absorption than any other material found in footwear. They give your feet and body relief from the demands of physical activity such as sports, walking, or being on your feet all day. If you choose to wear them all day, they can keep your feet cool and comfortable while helping your feet and legs deal with the strain of a long day. While you can wear them all day long, Oofos are best for casual walking and after a workout.

Can you wear Oofos OOlala outside?

If you enjoy hiking, running, or walking, you may want to wear your Oofos OOlalas. These shoes aren’t for working out. The Oofos are best for short walks and workout recovery. One of the best moments to slip them on is when you're leaving the gym. The good news is that you can wear them outside. The Oofos OOlala is water-resistant and is good in all kinds of weather. You can enjoy wearing them poolside, on the beach, or while working in the garden. Their lightweight, durable design means you won't have to worry about your feet during outdoor activity.

Are the Oofos OOlala a flip-flop?

Oofos Oolala and Old Navy Flip Flops

As a business located somewhere warm most of the year, we understand the need for shoes that keep your feet cool. Flip flops are a great warm-weather shoe choice because they are easy to wear and let your feet breathe. The Oofos OOlala is a popular choice for those who like flip-flops, but according to Oofos, they aren't flip-flops:

So while they look like flip-flops, the OOlala is a better option. It differs from other flip-flops in shape, materials, and sole thickness.

Is Oofos OOlala an Orthopedic Shoe?

The purpose of Orthopedic shoes is to support and assist the use and structure of the foot, ankle, and leg. The included features, functions, and medical benefits make the shoes different from regular footwear. They also often provide arch support, cushioning for specific parts of the foot, and room for orthotic inserts. Most people have foot pain or problems, so almost everyone would benefit from an orthopedic shoe.

The OOlala includes anatomical arch support and cushioning for the whole foot. If you suffer from foot pain, Oofos OOfoam is shock absorbent to help alleviate pain. The OOlala sandal is also lightweight and has exceptional stability for walking. These features make the Oofos OOlala an excellent pick for an orthopedic shoe.

Can Oofos be Washed?

As with most shoes, there's always the question of shoe care. We want your shoes to last as long as possible and still be able to give you the support you need. Keeping shoes clean helps prolong their life and keep your feet clean. For light cleaning, a damp cloth is a solution. If a deeper clean is needed, you can wash your Oofos in cold water with mild soap or in the washing machine. Choose a gentle cycle using cold water, and as usual, DO NOT put your Oofos in the dyer. The dyer exposes your shoes to high heat and can cause shrinking. Instead, you can air dry them in a shady spot or towel dry them.

Oofos OOriginal Verses OOlala: What is the Difference?

Oofos Original Recovery Shoes Relax Rocking Chair
The same OOfoam technology & patented footbed design as the OOriginal to take the stress off tired feet and joints.

If you were unaware, the OOlala is not Oofos only popular recovery shoe. The Oofos OOriginal is where Oofos began. It started its long line of recovery shoes that has expanded to more different styles of shoes. While the OOriginal and the OOlala are both sandals with similarities, there is a difference between the two.

The OOriginal and the OOlala both feature Oofos OOfoam technology that absorbs 37% more impact than other foam materials. Both shoes are designed to reduce wear and tear on your ankles, knees, and feet. Both also include a slip-resistant sole. Since the OOriginal is the base for all Oofos shoes, it makes sense that they would have these similarities.

As for differences, the OOlala is more stylish than the classic OOriginal. The Oofos OOriginal comes in nine solid colors and has a sporty look. The OOlala is designed with a more streamlined footbed to pair with various outfits and comes in four solids colors and eight patterned styles. The OOlala also has limited edition styles sold in limited quantities. Whether you pick the Oofos OOriginal or the OOlala, the choice is up to you. Both shoes offer exciting features and benefits, so the decision is yours!

From walking on the beach to taking a jog in the park, Oofos are an ideal choice for outdoor activities. Their superior comfort, cushioning, and lightweight design will help you enjoy walking and give your feet a much-needed reprieve. If you want a stylish, comfortable, and affordable shoe, the Oofos OOlala is a perfect choice. It is easy to see why the Oofos OOlala is one of the most popular shoes on the market.


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