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Baby Walking & Kids Shoes

We stock the classic, hard to find, baby walking shoes to

get your little one started off on the right foot.

If your baby is just learning to stand we also have pre-walkers to give them the ankle support they need.

We are often asked the difference between pre-walkers & walkers so let us explain:

Pre-walkers are made for those little feet learning to walk. Our pre-walkers 

help those little walking muscles to get strong. Our shoes are lightweight & flexible, made of leather or mesh to help your baby's feet breathe. They also have rubber soles for traction.


Walking shoes continue to help your little one keep moving once they're up and going. Each pair of our walking shoes have a harder leather or rubber sole, more support, and control in the heel. 

We also carry toddler and children's shoes up to youth size 1 to make sure your little ones continue on the path to healthy feet. Additional sizes are available by special order. 

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