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3 Easy Tips For Your Summer Sandals

Our stock of shoes includes a variety of different sandals and flip-flops.

We've talked a lot about sandals this summer. It's obvious we think they're a great summer shoe to have. We do love a good pair of sneakers, a great pair of heels, or even some comfy slippers but sandals will always be a favorite for us when it comes to summertime. If you looked up any kind of poll on the favorite summer shoe, you'll see others agree with us.

There are still things about wearing sandals during summer that can make them uncomfortable. No one wants to be out relaxing or on vacation and have their new shoes giving them problems. Fortunately, there are some great tips for counteracting issues with your summer sandals.

How to avoid getting blisters

Blisters; we don't like them and neither do you. Some of our customers already have blisters from health problems or not wearing shoe rights, so we wouldn't want our shoes to add to their pain.

Blisters from sandals most likely develop between the big toe and the index toe. For sandals with a back strap, the back of the heel is also susceptible to blisters. There are two great ways to keep blisters from forming in those spots. A lot of people swear by putting a bandage on the problem area. It keeps the shoes from rubbing until they're broken in. Others will use stick deodorant as a method of blister prevention. The deodorant eases the friction and helps stop blisters. Using the deodorant method may be easier since sometimes finding a bandage that matches your skin tone may be difficult. You want your feet not to blister but you probably don’t want everyone to see the bandage on your foot.

Wearing sandals with a different strap design can also help with stopping blisters. The Birkenstock Arizona’s two-strap design doesn’t go between your toes or behind your heels. This leaves very little room for blisters to form. And of course, as we’ve mentioned before, it’s a comfortable shoe.

Ways to stop blisters from forming in shoes. Photo Credit:

Buy sandal vs Flip Flops

Did you know that while flip-flops can be considered sandals, not all sandals are flip-flops? Generally, flip-flops, are shoes with a Y strap that goes between your big toe and your second toe. Sandals are open-toed shoes that don’t go between your toes and stay on your foot by any other means. The sole is held to your foot by straps that can be one horizontal strap, two criss-cross straps, two parallel straps or wrap around your ankle. It may seem like a simple tip but knowing when to buy sandals can be an important summer tip that makes a difference in your vacation plans.

Depending on what you're doing this summer sandals vs flip-flops can make the difference. If you’re taking a trip to a new city you’ve never been to, sandals would be the better option. Touring a city requires a bit of walking and while some people would prefer sneakers, sandals can be an adequate option. We’d recommend ones with ankle straps since you’d want to ensure your shoes won’t slip off, which is what makes flip-flops, not a good option. Of course, be sure to make sure your sandals have good arch support and cushion as well.

Attending a music or food festival would be another sandal recommended event. Festivals also include walking but have craft vendors and sometimes rides. Again, your feet will appreciate the support of sandals versus flip-flops.

Flip flops on the other hand have their time when they shine instead. Remember, flip-flops only have the front to secure the shoe to your foot. The heel is completely exposed and not strapped to the shoe at all. The unattached back of the shoe is where the “flip-flop” sound comes from when walking in them. Many people associate certain activities with the sound of flip-flops because those are the best place to wear the shoe.

The beach is the obvious first choice for flip-flops. They’re easy to kick off and get your feet in the water. They’re also great for showering in public bathrooms at campgrounds. And of course, you’ll want them from going to your local pool.

Want to know our flip-flops and sandals choices? In our Gizeh vs Arizona blog, we write

“As for the obvious differences in the Arizona vs the Gizeh, it comes down to the look. The Gizeh is styled as a thong sandal. Thong sandals are generally held to the foot at the big toe by a strap that connects to another strap that sits over your foot. The Gizeh strap also features a buckle that can be adjusted to fit your foot's comfort. The Arizona, Birkenstock’s classic sandal, is style with two straps. One over the toes and one near the ankle. Both straps have their own adjustable metal pin buckle so, like the Gizeh, it gives you personal adjustability.”

Both shoes are essentially a type of flip-flop and are great for the beach, pool, and public bathrooms. A shoe like the Vionic Colleen would be considered a sandal.

Keep your sandals from being stinky

Another thing no one wants during the summer is stinky shoes. After sitting in storage, under your bed, or in the back of your closet all summer long, your sandals may have an odor.

So here are actually 3 hacks for keeping your shoe odor free.

First and foremost, take care of your feet. If your feet stink, your shoes will stink. When you take a shower be sure to scrub your feet to remove dry skin and dirt that can make your sandals smell. You might even need to use a foot deodorant or baby powder to keep your feet dry. If you are at the beach, rinse off your feet before you leave and dry them completely before putting your shoes back on. If you have sweaty feet, choose the appropriate material. Leather sandals are breathable and moisture managing.

The second tip is to have a good rotation of your sandals. Wearing the same sandal daily is a quick way to foster sticky shoes. In the summer, your shoes need time to breathe since your feet are sweating in them all day. If you have multiple pairs of sandals you give your shoes time to dry out.

Finally, your shoes may need a little extra help from odor killing powders. There are plenty of medicated foot powders that can be used to absorb moisture. They likely have a scent to hide the smell from your shoes. An easier option you probably have on hand is baking soda. Add baking soda to cover the whole sole of your sandals, the stuff your shoe with newspaper. Leave your shoes overnight and in the morning shake out the excess powder. This method will help absorb wetness and odors.

Baking soda in your shoes helps to remove odors. Photo Credit:

If you give any of our tips a try, let us know by leaving us a comment and telling us how it worked out. We’d love to hear from you.

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