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Get Up and Moving with New Sneakers

We've all probably been told thousands of times how important exercise is for your body. It helps strengthen your joints and muscles and even improve your brain health. Exercise is also proven to lower your body's stress level. Newton's first law of motion says that “An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion..." Newton wasn't really talking about exercising, but the idea still stands. If you keep your body moving on a daily basis it will continue to stay active and limber as you age. On the other hand, if your spend your days sedentary then your body won't want to move in the ways you'll want it to.

It's up to personal preference as to how you keep your body in motion. Some people choose to add 3 to 5 gym days to their weekly routine. Weight training is a great way to keep your body active, but some people may enjoy something less high impact. Running is another good way to get in daily exercise. If daily jogs are too much, walking is an acceptable substitution.

Of course, a good pair of shoes is necessary for most exercises. You want something that cushions your feet because walking, and especially running, can be hard on your feet.

So, what shoe would we recommend for walking and running?

One of our favorite New Balance shoes, the 990, is made for more than just walking.

If the all-day comfort from the Ortholite® insert doesn't entice you, then maybe the rebound provided by the blown rubber outsole might. Separately, these additions are nice but together with all the other features, they give the New Balance 990 its popularity with New Balance sneaker buyers.

  • Suede and mesh upper

  • Dual-density collar foam offers support and comfort for the ankles

  • ENCAP midsole cushioning combines lightweight foam with a durable polyurethane rim to deliver all-day support

  • All-day comfort with Ortholite® insert and firm -yet- supportive midsole

  • The blown rubber outsole provides superior rebound

  • 12 mm drop; due to variances created during the development and manufacturing processes, all references to 12 mm drop are approximate

  • New Balance MADE U.S. footwear contains a domestic value of 70% or more. MADE makes up a limited portion of New Balance’s U.S. sales.

The Mighty Walk from Gravity Defyer has the word walk right in its name, so you know it's an excellent pick for a walking shoe. Its sleek design might not show it but the Might Walk is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable all at the same time. Its patented VersoShock technology will relieve pain in the ankles, knee, feet, and back up to 92%! According to Gravity Defyer,

Everything about this shoe makes us confident when we say, "Pain-free walking shoe? That's an understatement."

  • VersoShock® patented technology is clinically shown to relieve pain in the ankles, knees, feet, and back by up to 92%*.

  • Roomy Toe Box extra room for comfort and better blood circulation.

  • Front Rolling Design is designed to reduce foot stress by isolating 28 bones, 30 joints, and over 100 muscles from harm.

  • Removable Insoles to accommodate custom orthotic support

  • Durable Breathable Mesh provides proper ventilation & flexibility.

  • MEDICARE / HCPCS code = A5500 may be eligible for Medicare reimbursement

  • Free Podiatrist-Grade Corrective Fit Orthotics included– $50 Value. *Orthotics can help with plantar fasciitis and provide full-body alignment and perfect biomechanics to help with pain relief.

Another shoe that looks great on the outside and has excellent elements for walking on the inside, is the Travelbound Pixel by Propet. The fabric lining of the sneaker gives the shoe improved airflow and the rubber sole is thermally controlled with responsive cushioning. You'll enjoy how good this shoe looks and feels.

  • Knit mesh upper

  • Lace-up closure

  • Round toe

  • Fabric lining

  • Open Cell faux leather foam insole

  • 1" heel

  • Rubber sole

  • Imported

Sneakers can be worn for lots of different reasons. For some, it's fashion. Others ease. For us, it's always about comfort while going about our daily life. Walking is good exercise and we agree you should include it in your everyday life.

Stop by today and let us help find you the perfect shoe to achieve your exercise goals.


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