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A new brand of sneaker that defies gravity

If you've been following our blog, you know by now how much we love New Balance sneakers. And yes, New balance is still one of our favorites, but we have another sneaker worth mentioning. Gravity Defyer, one of our newest shoe brands, has quickly become another of our favorite sneakers. While different in design from New Balance, they have plenty of features that make them great!

Gravity Defyer's patented technology is their VersoCloud and VersoShock. VersoCloud can be found in running shoes like the XLR8. It is a material designed to help absorb the impact energy from running. When your feet hit the ground, the shock they take can slow you down. This technology takes the energy it absorbs, recycles it, and boosts energy return to keep you running in comfort. VersoShock, on the other hand, works with a different part of your body. Instead of being found in running shoes, it's found in their walking shoes like the Mighty Walk.  Walking can be hard on your knees so VersoShock is clinically shown to relieve that pain by up to 85%.

All Gravity Defyer shoes also include a front rolling design and removable insoles. The front rolling reduces the stress on your foot to keep it from harm. While the removable insert is helpful if your shoes need custom orthotics installed. So, whether running, walking, or just a lover of sneakers, the Gravity Defyer brand should be on your list to try. If its great features don't draw you in, the design definitely should. Stop in today and try a pair, your feet will be glad you did!


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