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How To Wear Your Birkenstock With Different Outfits

Are you a Birkenstock lover like us? We hope so! If you are, you understand how comfortable, supportive, and stylish Birkenstocks can be. They’re an all-around joy to wear. We wouldn’t be surprised if you wanted to wear your Birkenstock around the office every chance you got. Why stop there, though? You can wear your Birkenstocks out for date night, coffee with the girls, or to your favorite beach. Birkenstocks can go with any kind of style. You might be asking how? What outfit for the office will look good with my birks. Is this dress with my Birks cute enough for my date? If so, we’re here to help with how to wear your Birkenstock with different outfits. Birkenstocks at work For most of us, we spend at least 40 hours of our week at work. Some of us may even spend more time than that working. When the spring and summer months arrive our feet feel just as coupe up in warm socks and layers as the rest of us and can’t wait to feel free. If your office allows it, whether daily or just casual Fridays, adding your Birkenstocks to your outfit can still look professional.

One type of warm weather and professional outfit you can wear is a solid-colored blouse with a skirt. (Above Left) This short-sleeved navy cropped shirt, white skirt, and white Birkenstocks work in unison to create a work look that is put together but also keeps you feeling cool. Matching your Birkenstocks to your skirt is great for keeping your outfit in unison and can tone your shoes down so they don’t stand out as much. (Above Right) If pants are more your style for work, Birkenstock sandals are still viable. This idea of a neutral-colored shirt, white slacks, a neutral jumper, and black Birkenstocks, will give your work outfit a stylish look. In contrast to the first work outfit, the Birkenstocks here are black and stand out against all the softer colors.

Done right, Birkenstock can even look good with a suit. This simple suit with a matching navy coat and pants, white crew neck t-shirt, and taupe Birkenstocks still keeps it business-like. You should maybe skip the bright-colored socks depending on where you work. If you’re in an office that requires a suit but will let you wear your favorite Birks, it may be the only warm weather you get during the workday. Birkenstock on a date Hopefully, every so often that special someone is taking you out on a date. The style you choose to dress for a date will of course depend on where you're going. If you’re spending the night playing mini-golf or a round of bowling, something casual would be better fitted. But what if your plans include something a little more dressy, like going out for dinner. Will your Birkenstock fit with a more dressy outfit option? That’s an easy answer, yes.

Try something with a fun pattern, (above right)like this floral printed dress and a pair of Birkenstock Mayari. The Birkenstock Mayari has all the great Birkenstock features with a dressier strap that wraps around your toe. It looks great with any kind of dress and would also work with business attire. Another great Birkenstock choice for something a little dressier is the Birkenstock Gizeh. Your style may be closer to this (above left) solid black skirt and white tank v neck. The Gizeh here is black and is paired well for this outfit. So you still get a nice dressy outfit for date night without sacrificing the comfort of your feet.

For the guys, your date night Birkenstocks can be similar to what you’d wear with a suit. You wouldn’t want something like the Birkenstock Boston. The Boston is nice but not the nicest looking for a dressy date night. So instead stay with the Birkenstock Arizona. You can’t go wrong with the classic Birkenstock Arizona with your nicest jeans and a button-up shirt. Birkenstocks when you're dressing casually Now if you're more laid back with your style whether, for date night, or just every day, a casual look is probably your best option. In our opinion, the most casual Birkenstock is the Birkenstock Boston. It may not be the best shoe for warm weather but is still a comfortable shoe for doing something casual. Pairing jeans with a floral shirt is one option for a casual outfit. Since florals are very popular for spring wardrobes, the simplicity of the Birkenstock Boston will help those flowers bloom.

The classic Birkenstock Arizona continues to work for the casual option style as well. This ensemble with jean short overalls, a white t-shirt, and black Birkenstocks is a quick and easy outfit. It’s an easy outfit to change shirt colors and still keep it casual. Guys, for you, the Birkenstock Boston and Arizona, are also your go-to casual shoes. Whether with a pair of jeans or shorts, either style will work to achieve a chill vibe. For the Boston's though, skip the socks when the weather is warm. It's not worth the sweaty feet, trust. Birkenstocks and the beach

Finally, sandals and the beach are easy ones. There's nothing like a good pair of flip-flops and a nice day at the beach. If you're in the south like us, you might spend a lot of days at the beach. So shoes that feel comfy and cool are just what you need. Of course, the Birkenstock Arizona is an easy choice. Don't forget the Gizeh though. Similar to traditional flip-flops, the Gizeh is perfect for the beach.

If you're looking for something a little more waterproof try the Birkenstock Arizona Essentials or Birkenstock Gizeh Essential. Same Birkenstock design but waterproof. Both are also missing the upper lining and instead completely made of Eva but still give you the comfort you've come to expect from Birkenstock. So, dress, suit, beach, or bowling, Birkenstock can be the shoe for you. Simply taking a moment to consider what style you're looking for and picking the right shoe will go a long way. Give Boger's Shoes a visit and we'll help you choose your new favorite or 4 pairs of Birkenstocks today. Looking for a great deal on all your springtime shoe needs? Shop our Spring Clearance sale a get up to 40% off of select brands & styles. It’s that time again! Time to nominate who you think is best. We have the best customers and we would love it if you’d take a moment to vote for us. This year you can find us under Best Shoe Store, Best Speciality Shoe Store, and Best Orthopedic Shoe Center. Will you help us go for a three-peat? Nominate us today!

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