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The Story of Bogers Shoes

Since Bogers Shoes was founded in 1957, they provide orthopedic, diabetic, and comfortable shoes as well as orthotics. They are one of the few who fabricate custom inserts and orthotics in their office.

In 2015, Brett and Erika became the third-generation owners of the business. Erika manages the financial and administrative aspects, while Brett is a certified pedorthist. Upon acquiring the business, they were determined to foster growth and expansion.The showroom underwent a complete remodel in 2017, and appointments were introduced to enhance the service for insurance and VA patients.

After acquiring the store and introducing some adjustments, they witnessed a business growth of 30-35%, even during the pandemic. After about a year post-pandemic, the business managed to recover to its pre-pandemic levels. They feel grateful and blessed for their loyal customers, who played a vital role in helping them succeed when many other businesses nearby had to permanently close their doors.

Bogers takes pride in offering top-notch customer service in their industry. The team is exceptionally patient and dedicated to ensuring customers feel comfortable and relaxed. Additionally, they have Certified Pedorthists, healthcare professionals specialized in providing comprehensive foot care through therapeutic footwear and supportive orthotic devices. These experts also assist patients in preventing or alleviating painful foot conditions.

They also create custom orthotics on-site, enabling instant adjustments and modifications rather than outsourcing to another lab. They collaborate closely with numerous doctors and orthopedic specialists to ensure customers receive the best possible fit. Additionally, they were among the first accounts in Florida to carry the renowned Birkenstock brand, a source of pride as they continue to offer it.

In November 2023, Bogers relocated from their original Riverside site in Jacksonville, FL to a bigger establishment in Orange Park, FL. They are thrilled to announce their upcoming Grand Opening Event, taking place throughout the week from April 13 to April 20, 2024.

During the event, expect a new and exciting offer each day, along with awesome food vendors. Stay updated on upcoming deals by signing up for our mailing list.

Brett and Erika attribute their progress and the opportunities they receive to God's guidance. They are committed to continue their mission of serving others and making a positive impact in any way they can.

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