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Birkenstock Gizeh or Arizona, which is better?

Since it's summertime, we know we're not the only ones planning on wearing nothing but sandals. Different styles of outfits look great with different kinds of shoes. Sometimes, a different color of an identical shoe can be the perfect match for your summer outfit. Other times, a completely different shoe is needed. So far we’ve featured shoes like the Women’s Yontal Sandal by Gravity Defyer and the Vionic Men’s Tide sandal.

Both the Yontal and Tide are great spring or summer shoe choices but we can’t forget one our favorite sandals, the Birkenstock Arizona. As always, Arizona is one of our best sellers when it comes to sandals. Did you know though, that we carry quite a few other popular Birkenstock sandals? The Mayari, Yao, Rio kids, & this month's shoe of the month, the Gizeh are all Birkenstock sandals we carry in stock.

The Gizeh is similar to a more traditional flip flop but with the Birkenstock name and craftsmanship. If you had to pick one though, which style should you pick?


The Birkenstock Arizona (left) and Birkenstock Gizeh (right) are similar in make but different in style.

Both the Birkenstock Arizona and the Gizeh's biggest common feature, other than both being from the same brand, is that they are both sandals. We would pick either of them as one of our favorite sandals for all our summertime vacation plans.

A few of the other similar features included are Birko-Flor upper material, natural leather insole, cork footbed, and an EVA outsole.

As we’ve mentioned before, Birko-Flor is skin-friendly, tear-resistant, and easy to care for. This means either shoe won’t irritate your feet while you wear them, is not made with allergens and is made to last.

Birkenstock leather is noticeably untreated on all its shoes.

The natural leather Birkenstock uses has a purposefully untreated surface. This way it lets each piece of leather keep its uniquely natural look and mostly remain the way nature created it. Birkenstock believes in only using high-quality natural and synthetic materials, so natural leather is an obvious choice. Leather is breathable, absorbent, and soft but is also durable and capable of protecting your feet from harm.

The footbed of both sandals is made from a material called cork. Cork is a material that is extracted from the bark of the cork oak tree. It naturally prevents the loss of heat and gives Birkenstocks good cushioning.

Lastly, the outsole of both shoes uses EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate). Eva is a high-quality, very light, elastic material and is also great for cushioning. Sandals are shoes that are known to be lightweight and EVA helps to keep both shoes lightweight and comfortable at the same time.

As for the obvious differences in the Arizona vs the Gizeh, it comes down to the look. The Gizeh is styled as a thong sandal. Thong sandals are generally held to the foot at the big toe by a strap that connects to another strap that sits over your foot. The Gizeh strap also features a buckle that can be adjusted to fit your foot's comfort. The Arizona, Birkenstock’s classic sandal, is style with two straps. One over the toes and one near the ankle. Both straps have their own adjustable metal pin buckle so, like the Gizeh, it gives you personal adjustability.

Based on the features alone, the shoe you pick depends on how you like your sandals to sit on your feet. Some customers don’t like straps that go between their toes. They find it uncomfortable to wear and will instead opt for the Arizona with its two straps. Other customers feel the Arizona doesn’t stay on their foot as well and will choose the Gizeh as their sandal. Your sandal choice can also be decided by what clothes you’ll wear with your sandals.

What you're wearing

While we believe both the Gizeh and the Arizona can be worn with a wide variety of outfits, it’s up to your personal style. The Birkenstock Arizona looks great with jeans, especially ankle cute jeans. It can also be paired with solid-colored outfits, like a blouse and skirt or even a simple suit. The Gizeh has a more dressy-looking style and would work great with a mini skirt for date night. It’s still a sandal though so feel free to wear it with your swimsuits.

Want even more ways to style different Birkenstock shoes for your outfit of the day? Check out our blog on how to style Birkenstock with different outfits.

Birkenstock can look dressy or casual, it depends on how you style them.


The Birkenstock Arizona's we have in stock range in price from $40 to $135. The Birkenstock Gizeh is a bit cheaper at a price range of $40 to $100. These prices include the Arizona and Gizeh Essentials which are made completely from EVA. Same Birkenstock style but completely waterproof and lightweight. The pricing also includes the oiled leather and Birko-flor version of the Arizona.


If you won't take just our word for it, here are a few reviews from customers who love their Birkenstocks. You’ll find comments like “I got a pair of Bernie Mev boots and 2 pairs of Birkenstocks from Boger’s and I love them! They’re very comfortable and look amazing.” “ They are a life saver for my Plantar Fasciitis. They have strong arch support.”

Anyone who buys Birkenstocks loves them, but don't just take our word for it!

After all of this, you should have enough information to help you decide which pair of sandals, the Gizeh or the Arizona, is right for you. We’re always available to help so stop by today and try them on for yourself.

Decide on your new pair of Birkenstock already? Keep them maintained and help them last longer with Birkenstock cork sealer. All month long, get a free bottle of cork sealer when you purchase a pair of Birkenstocks. *While supplies last

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