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5 Comfortable Sneakers fit for all styles of Dads

Most of us would agree that dads are always hard to shop for. Sure there are things like tools, fishing accessories, and grill equipment that a fair amount of dads like. But what about the dad who has all of those things or doesn’t enjoy those hobbies? We find ourselves struggling to come up with ideas that our dads will love. Fortunately, there is one item every dad uses every day, and that is a pair of shoes. Have you ever met a dad who doesn't have or needs a pair of shoes? We haven't! That's why, this Father’s Day, we've picked out five sneakers that are comfortable, durable, and stylish. Whatever kind of dad you have or are, these 5 shoes are sure to fit your personal style.

For the Dad Who Loves Hiking

For the Gym-Loving Dad

For the Dad With Grandkids

For the Dad Who Loves the Beach

For any kind of Dad

Dad hiking with child in mountains

For the Dad Who Loves Hiking

Hiking is a fun and active pastime that millions of people enjoy every day. It can include long, vigorous walks up a mountain trail or along footpaths on a nature trail. For the dad who loves to explore the highest of mountains, the right shoes are just as important as a bottle of water.

Cloud Plus Waterproof

The Cloud Plus is an outdoor boot that can handle anything you throw at it. It's a great choice for hiking dads. The waterproof upper will keep your feet dry which makes it ideal for long hikes in wet weather. The lightweight cushioned midsole and flexible outsole make these boots comfortable enough for long days on the trail. They'll ensure your feet feel well-supported on uneven surfaces.

If that isn't enough, you'll love the low cut of this shoe as well. It will allow you to easily slip them on and off without having to struggle with zippers or laces every time you want to take them off.

Need ideas for local trails to hike? Jacksonville is full of great hiking trails you and Dad can spend Father's Day exploring.

For the Gym-Loving Dad

Have a dad or are you a dad who enjoys working out? Is a day at the gym or a run around the block just what you need to keep your stress levels down and stay active? Exercise is important for everyone, but for the gym rat dad, it's his favorite way to spend his downtime. So he needs a shoe that can keep up with his step count.

New Balance Men's MX857V3

If Dad likes to hit the gym or go for runs, he'll love these shoes from New Balance! The New Balance Men's MX857V3 is a good fit for a gym dad who wants to be comfortable and stylish. The sneaker features a leather upper with mesh accents, which makes it great for working out but also stylish enough for any occasion. They have durable outsoles that are perfect for any dad who needs his shoes to last through long runs. The cushioned insole helps provide excellent support and comfort as well. While these shoes may not be as flashy as other options out there, they're still stylish enough to wear with jeans or khakis at work or around town on weekends! And if you're worried about them being too plain, don't be!

wall art of dads get promoted to grandpa for grandad who need shoes

For the Dad With Grandkids

Next, we have Dads who have been promoted to Granddad. Granddads may not be raising kids anymore but they still have pastimes they love and grandchildren to spoil. For grandfathers, shoes that have the right support for their feet are important. They’ve earned the right to be comfortable.

Orthofeet Tacoma Stretch Knit

If you're looking for a comfortable, durable sneaker that's perfect for all granddads, the Orthofeet Tacoma Stretch Knit is just what you need. The shoe's padded interior, cushioned sole, and wide toe box mean that this shoe will support his feet as he takes on new adventures with his family. Its cushioning sole with a mild rocker makes it easier to walk by adding a spring to your step. The stretch fabric upper fits to your feet for a customized fit and eases pain from hammertoes, bunions, and swollen feet.

For the Dad Who Loves the Beach

BIrkenstock Arizona on the beach in the sandals

Since it’s summertime, you may have a father who enjoys the beach. Beach days are a great way to enjoy the summer. Whether that’s diving into the cool water or searching for treasure along the shore. The beach does come with lots of sand and the hazard of broken sea shells though. So give Dad a shoe that is right for finding the perfect beach spot.

Birkenstock Arizona

Our shoe of the month, the Birkenstock Arizona is the classic sandal. If your dad is the type of guy who enjoys the beach and doesn't mind getting his feet wet, then we recommend the Arizona. This sandal, with its durable sole, is great for warm weather. It’s easy to slip off to go swimming in the waves and quick to remove sand from when your beach trips are over.

If you have a dad with foot pain, these are also really good choices because they have arch support that helps distribute weight evenly across all parts of your foot. And don’t forget their two adjustable straps to help ensure the right fit. Another great feature is the materials the Birkenstock Arizona are made from. Made with leather and suede, you know they’ll last for years to come! If you want a more water-resistant version be sure to also try the Birkenstock Arizona Essentials.

Why not buy yourself and Dad a pair to match? Be sure to also add a cork sealer to your purchase. All month long, when you buy any two pairs of Birkenstocks, you’ll receive a free cork sealer. Some restrictions apply. Offer valid through June 30, 2023.

For Any Kind of Dad

Can’t think of a hobby Dad has that you can match a good pair of shoes to? That’s okay, too. No matter your dad’s lifestyle, he still needs shoes.

New Balance 990

If we're talking about shoes for dad, we have to mention the classic dad shoe as well. If you’re not sure what kind of shoe would be right for your dad, then try the New Balance 990. This iconic sneaker has been around for over 40 years and remains one of the most popular sneakers on the market today. For decades it has been worn by all kinds of dads, including celebrities. It's a great shoe for walking and running so if your dad likes to exercise or go on long walks with you, this might be the right pick for him!

A mesh lining keeps feet cool while wearing these shoes. So even if Dad gets hot easily during summertime activities, like walking outside with his kids after dinner time, he'll still feel wonderful wearing these kicks all day long without feeling uncomfortable about having sweaty feet afterward. This sneaker also provides excellent support thanks to its cushioned midsole that combines lightweight foam and durable polyurethane.

In the end, it's all about finding what works best for Dad’s feet. So no matter what styles of Dad you know, and if they prefer a more minimalist style or something with more cushioning, there are plenty of options out there that will make sure his feet stay happy and healthy all day long. If you’re still not sure what Dad will like, you can always buy him and Boger’s Shoes gift card and help him pick out a few shoes and maybe grab some lunch after!


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