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Hiking into summer with new boots

Whether you consider before June 20th or after it the start of summer, the 90-degree weather and rain here in Florida are what we call summer. Summer weather can mean trips to the beach for some and camping for others. It's a time to plan family trips to far away or discover new hobbies.

Guys, if you're looking for new hobbies or adventures this summer, especially after being stuck at home for so long, why not give hiking a try. Hiking isn't just great for exercise but it's also educational, a fantastic stress reliever, a great way to see new places, meet new people and it's fun too. Of course, a good hike needs the right shoes.

Dunham's hiking boot the Cloud Plus is that good choice. Hiking requires some stability and support and the Cloud Plus can give you just that. If you're living here in 'sunny" Florida and worried about rain ruining your new adventure, don't be. The cloud plus gives you an interior waterproof barrier. So where ever you're hiking in the pouring rain or bright sunshine you're feet won't slow you down.

Not in the mood for a hike? Or maybe hiking simply isn't something you want to try, that's okay too. You'll still look great in stunning navy and orange. With a breathable fabric to keep your feet cool and robber outsole that improves durability, you'll never want to take them off. So wear your new shoes anywhere you want, on a first date or to your new job and you'll look and feel good no matter where you are.

Looking for a trail to give hiking a try? Click here for Florida's best trails.


  • Slip-resistant, non-marking rubber outsoles: ASTM F1677, Mark II in wet/dry conditions

  • Waterproof membrane creates an interior barrier to moisture

  • Breathable upper fabric and leather combination enhances comfort in warm conditions

  • Removable molded/memory foam footbed provides lightweight impact absorption cushioning that molds to your foot

  • Lightweight EVA midsole offers flexible, lightweight impact absorption

  • Rubber outsole provides long-wearing durability

  • RBar provides rear foot stability in molded EVA midsole

  • Nylon shank ensures stability and flexibility

  • Padded collar and tongue adds extra cushioning and comfort around the foot

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