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5 reasons to choose wedges over heels

Papillio Mary by Birkenstock in Boger's Shoes window display

It's a common opinion that a nice pair of heels can be the perfect final touch to a nice outfit. Many women won't choose any other shoes but heels to go with their favorite red dress. And of course, who doesn't normally wear a pair of heels with their wedding dress?

Just because you've always worn heels doesn't mean you always have to or always should. Heels can be a fun shoe to wear but there is another option your feet will appreciate more. A pair of wedges. Wedges are technically considered heels but we are going to compare them to the more traditional heel, the stiletto. Here are 5 reasons to choose wedges over heels.

1. Just as stylish as heels

We know one of the main appeals of the stiletto is how stylish it can be. The main difference between wedges and a heel is the sole of each style of shoe. Wedges give you a continuous solid wedge-shaped outsole that raises your heel and tapers down to a slightly flat toe. Alternatively, high heels ,like stilettos, are also raised at the heel but the heel portion doesn't meet the sole. There's simply empty space.

Fortunately, none of this changes how stylish a wedge can be. Wedges, like stilettos, come in a wide range of materials, colors, styles, and heights

The outsoles come in materials such as cork, leather, and rubber. As for the uppers, sandals are common for wedges. This means any sandal style you've seen before can also be a wedge. Styles like ankle straps, toe posts, slingbacks, or peep toes can all be cute styles for a pair of wedges. The Papillio Mary is a closed-toe wedge with a circular buckle, polyurethane footbed, and natural leather upper.

2. Add height without the pain

The other common appeal for heels like stilettos is their height. There's nothing quite like feeling taller when you're wearing your favorite heels. They give you a sense of power. Wedges can still give you that same height and sense of power with one helpful addition. Wedges range in height from 1 to 4 inches tall while stilettos can reach up to 7 or 8 inches tall. While wedges may lack that average extra 3 inches, they are more comfortable than higher heels. They distribute the weight over the whole foot making them easier on your feet. This ,in turn, means you can wear them longer. Attending a function where your feet are distracting you from either your work or play isn't an ideal situation. With wedges, you will most likely be able to attend a whole outing without any pain.

3. Gives you better balance when walking

Since wedges aren't quite as high and distribute the weight better, they are great for giving you more balance. Wearing heels, there's always a bit of fear of falling or losing your balance. The small tip of your heel can very easily get caught on a rug or the edge of the stairs and cause you to trip. Wedges, on the other hand, don't have a small heel and are not likely to catch on to something while you're walking. Even standing still, the small point of a heel can be hard to keep your balance. Wedges, however, have a wider base, making it easier to stay upright.

4. Great for the workplace

Whether you're working in an office that requires formal wear or a more casual office setting, wedges can work for either occasion. Regular heels tend to only fit in at formal outings. On the other hand, worn with jeans, skirts or dress pants, your wedges can go well with most outfits. It's the style of the actual shoe, not the wedge on the shoe, that gives it the elegance or simplicity it needs. The Papillio Mary, for instance, is a perfect shoe for business or casual.

5. Last longer than heels

Looking back at the weight distribution again, heels can wear out very quickly due to their unbalanced nature. The button of a regular pair of heels may need to be replaced. They may also come apart or break. Wedges don't have this same problem. The weight distribution evenly applies the wear through the whole shoe. This helps your wedges to wear down at a much slower rate and makes them a great investment.

For some, a pair of wedges might never replace their heels but for most, they are a good substitute for your foot health. Your feet have to carry you through your whole life and wearing shoes that ease the pain on them should be a priority.

  • Polyurethane footbed

  • Upper: natural leather

  • Footbed lining: suede

  • Sole: polyurethane (PU)

  • Heel type: wedge heel; height: 40 mm

  • Details: strap with an individually adjustable metal pin buckle

  • Made in Portugal

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