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Keep your littlest model's feet feeling great in the Birkenstock Rio

From the moment their children are born, most parents, love dressing up their kids. Once your little bundle of joy is up and running, for little girls, shoe choices are almost endless. But should you put any old shoes on those little feet just because they are cute? Definitely not!

Luckily, it is possible to find shoes that are not only adorable and cute but also comfortable for running and playing.

The Birkenstock Rio Kids is sporty but elegant. The added heel strap guarantees even while running at the park or posing for pictures, the shoe won't slip off. You can rest easy knowing your little princess will look adorable while having the comfort and support her feet need.

Any color is great but there's just something about pink that little girls love. To add to the fun, the Cosmic Sparkle Old Rose isn't just pink but features a fantastic sparkle effect that gives it that extra pop of wow.

Stop in today and get your little love a pair of her own.


The upper is made from the skin-friendly, hard-wearing synthetic material Birko-Flor®.

  • Anatomically shaped cork-latex footbed

  • Upper: Birko-Flor®

  • Footbed lining: suede

  • Sole: EVA

  • Details: one strap and a heel strap, each with an individually adjustable metal tongue buckle; color-coordinated outsole

  • Made in Germany

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