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Why Custom Orthotics are Right for Everyone

For most people, the thought of wearing an insert in their shoes reminds them of their grandparents. Unfortunately, they consider shoe inserts as something only their grandparents would wear because they don't know any different. While that is a common way of thinking, people of all ages can benefit from custom orthotics.

2 pair of custom orthotics in white and color splatter

There is a difference between prefabricated inserts and custom orthotics. Inserts can be purchased in a variety of stores and don't require a prescription. You'll generally find them made from gel, plastic, or foam. Inserts can help relieve pain or pressure around your heels, toes, or your entire foot. Custom orthotics are prescription inserts that you wear inside your shoes and also help relieve pain. They are custom-made for not only foot pain relief ,but to correct foot problems from walking, standing or running.

So, why should you, someone who doesn't think they need custom orthotic, consider a pair? Are you a teacher who's on your feet for more than five hours a day? Custom orthotics can help. Have your favorite pair of shoes worn out? Custom orthotics can help. If your foot arch has problems, you suffer from severe foot pain. Have a lower limb injury, or foot issues such as diabetes, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, and arthritis? A custom orthotic can help with all of these. These aren't problems only grandparents deal with ,but the vast majority of us.

Custom orthotics are defined as an internal foot appliance that is manufactured from a three-dimensional image of the foot and made from raw materials. A custom foot orthosis can accommodate bony deformities and/or modify the movement pattern of the foot and lower limb.

Here at Boger’s Shoes, our goal is to help those who are in pain and dealing with a wide variety of foot conditions. One way we do this is through the development of personalized custom orthotics. With a doctor’s prescription, we can evaluate and formulate a plan of care to help alleviate whatever foot problems ail you.

Call today to see what we can do for your foot pain.


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