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Why You Need the New Balance 928 (Complete Review)

Are you like us? Are you patiently waiting for the weather to get cooler so you can enjoy a nice walk in the lovely fall weather? We might have a little while to go before it gets nice and breezy outside but that leaves time to prepare. By prepared, we mean finding the warm clothes your stashed away and getting a new pair of walking shoes if you don't have any. A nice walk deserves a nice pair of shoes after all.

New Balance 928 At A Glance

New Balance 928 Pros

New Balance 928 Cons

​Comfortable Sole

Runs Narrow


Short Tongue

Different Widths Available

Removable Polyurethane Footbeds

Ankle Support

Key Takeaway

A walking shoe made with support and comfort in mind

Why should you listen to us?

As a shoe store designed around comfortable and supportive shoes, we know good shoes. Even more so though, we and our families are all avid wearers of New Balance Shoes. We know if you plan on walking a lot, like on vacation to Disney, good walking shoes are a must. So one of our go-to shoes is definitely a pair of New Balance shoes. After a long day of riding rides and meeting Mickey, we're thankful for our shoe choices.

Boger's Shoes Family wearing New Balance 928

New Balance 928 Features


Women's white New Balance 928

Rollbar is a graphite shank that runs through a shoe. It guides the stride to the correct strike path. Rollbar technology is designed to prevent your foot from rolling inward or outward. It keeps your foot supported while walking. This helps your foot's gait stay controlled when you walk, which is helpful for those who turn their foot while walking. It won't feel like your foot is moving around too much in your shoes.


Men Brown New Balance 928

A blend of rubbery and proprietary foam material, Abzorb is a lightweight cushion used in the midsoles of New Balance shoes. It absorbs the shock from walking and then displaces the energy. This helps to cushion the impact and keep your feet comfortable and protected.

More New Balance Features

  • Leather upper

  • Removable PU foam footbed provides added durability and comfort

  • Rubber outsole

  • Odor-resistant treatment

New Balance 928 Pricing

The New Balance 928 is available in multiple colors and for men and women. For women, we stock the 928 in white and grey. For men, we have white, black, brown, and black. All colors and styles are $150 each.

New Balance 928 Men's Black and White

Who is New Balance 928 right for?

Some people enjoy running as exercise. It's a great calorie-burning exercise and good for stress relief but isn't for everyone. If you are someone who wants the benefits of running but can't, walking can be just as good. You're who these shoes were made for.

Who should avoid New Balance 928?

Since it's a walking shoe, the 928 is of course not ideal for runners. It doesn't have all the extras a runner's shoes need to keep up with them. Customers have commented that the 928 runs narrow so if you have a wide foot and none of the widths accommodate your width, you may want to skip this shoe. The short tongue of the shoe can also cause the laces to aggravate the foot on some wearers. As a simple-looking shoe, it may also simply not appeal to your style.

New Balance 928 Velcro

New Balance 928 Competitors

Not a fan of the New Balance 928? Here are some other New Balances we recommend.

For The Fashion Conscious: Women's New Balance 1540 V3


As avid New Balance wearers, we want everyone to enjoy a pair of New Balance shoes. The 928's included technology helps make this shoe a great pick for walkers. Fallen in love with the New Balance 928? Stop in today to try a pair on.

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