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5 Reasons you'll love this Stylish and Practical Shoe

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

It may be an afterthought to most, but the right shoes for little feet are essential. Children will outgrow their shoes often, but quality shoes are still necessary. A good shoe helps prevent foot problems such as tripping, ingrown toenails, limping, or stiffness. Less expensive or low-quality shoes may be all you can afford, but a more expensive shoe will last longer and provide better support in the long run. One of our favorite brands for kids is Footmates. Badorf Shoe Company, the company that owns Footmates, has been in business since 1928. Since 1968, they've specialized in high-quality leather, infant, and toddler footwear. Footmates provides excellent kids’ shoes, and our Shoe of the Month is the Footmate Cheer! Do you need more reasons than Footmates' exceptional knowledge to try the Footmates Cheer? Give these five reasons why you'll love the Footmates Cheer a read.

Why We Recommend Footmates

5 Reasons to Try the Footmates Cheer

The Fit

The Colors

Great for Boy or Girls

Easy To Clean

Their Durability

Why We Recommend Footmates

Footmates is a shoe brand of the Badorf Shoe Company. Bardorf Shoe Company has been making quality kids' shoes for over 90 years. When asked, “Why Footmates?” their answer is:

Shoes serve to protect children's feet from the elements, to support and move their feet forward, and to allow their feet to breathe. We design our shoes to provide the best environment, support, and motion for all stages of your child's development. Footmates are the perfect choice for feet that need to last a lifetime.

We want our brands to start your kids off on the right foot, so we pick Footmates every time.

The Fit

Like adults, all kids’ feet come in different shapes and sizes. Some feet are narrow and long, and others are short and wide. The Footmates Cheer includes its custom fit system to accommodate your child's foot. Footmates' custom fit system includes removable inserts in medium and wide that come with each shoe.

The Footmates Cheer also includes a roomy toe box and arch support. According to Foomates, the roomy toe box "allows tiny toes room to breathe and splay naturally during walking, enhancing balance and reducing rubbing, friction, and moisture." The Footmates Cheer's arch support provides the needed support for developing feet.

To aid in proper fit, we will always measure your child's feet before we fit them with shoes. Children's feet can change size in as little as two months, so it is essential to measure them often.

Skylar in Footmates Cheer Ecru on the phone Bogers Shoes
They'll want to tell all their friends about the Footmates Cheer!

The Colors

What is a shoe without a good combination of colors? One of the best aspects of the Footmates Cheer is the variety of colors the shoes come in. Kids might not care if their shoes match, but as parents, we know how fun it can be to do it for them. Matching shoes to an outfit or adding a little pop of color can make getting the kids dressed more fun.

It helps that the Cheer comes in seven different colors. If you're looking for bright colors, your choices are red, light blue, or pink. Valentine's Day is soon, and a bright color like red or pink will go great with whatever heart-filled outfit you've picked. If you need a more neutral color, you can choose from navy, ecru, gray, or black. Neutral colors are great for outfits with no colors to match or have fun designs and patterns.

Great for Boys or Girls

Another great feature of the Footmates Cheer is that it's unisex. Children's shoes that both boys and girls can wear help extend the life of your shoes. Your younger son can wear the same shoes your older daughter grew out of, and vice versa. The lack of frill on the Cheer makes them a choice for boys but still cute as a girl's shoe.

The Footmates Cheer in navy could add a pop of color to a handsome little man in a grey suit. You could also pair it with a patterned shirt and a nice pair of slacks. Need a pair of shoes for a blue twirly dress or denim skirt and blouse? The same shoes in navy Footmates Cheer would look great with a dress or skirt. For a parent of mixed-gender twins, the Footmates Cheer would be the perfect shoe to own.

Grady in overals and the navy Footmates Cheer Boger's Shoes
The Footmates Cheer looks great paired with a smile & khakis.

Easy To Clean

Colors, fit, and the ability to be unisex are great, but it also helps when shoes for kids are easy to clean. Shoe care can be stressful sometimes. The Tsukihoshi, another shoe brand we also carry, is the ideal example of easy-to-clean because the shoe is machine washable. It's helpful to have the ability to throw your kid's shoes into the washer machine when they're dirty. Just remember not to put shoes in the dryer. While the Footmates Cheer isn't machine washable, it is still easy to clean.

Footmates makes their shoes and sandals with high-quality leather. The shoe's uppers, insoles, and upper lining are all crafted from leather. Only a damp soft cloth is needed to clean Footmates Cheer and remove scuffs and scrapes. It may not seem like much, but being easy to clean helps the shoes look nicer for longer.

It's Durability

The high-quality leather in Footmates shoes doesn't just make them easier to clean but also makes them last longer. Shoes made from leather will last much longer than fabric or canvas shoes. Leather is durable and holds its shape well over time. Its durability makes it capable of protecting your feet from harm. It's also breathable, absorbent, and soft.

That durability means that long after your child has outgrown their shoes, their Footmates will still be in good condition. It gives you the ability to give them as gifts to siblings and friends or hold them for grandchildren. With proper care, Footmates will likely last much longer than you could imagine.

Skylar by fireplace in ecru Footmates Cheer Boger's Shoes
Durable, cute, comfortable, and worth every step.

At Boger's Shoes, we understand how helpful the proper shoes are for children's feet. As your child's feet mature, the appropriate start will help keep their feet in good health. The Footmates Cheer would make a great choice for your child because of its durability, versatility, and wide range of colors. Stop in today to try it on your little one’s feet.

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