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Feel grand in the Women's Yontal Sandal

As spring slowly turns to summer the weather is getting warmer and days are longer. If your feet haven’t already, they’re probably starting to feel that summer heat. We know we aren’t the only ones who don’t like the feeling of being hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable in our shoes during the summer. Especially here in Florida, we love that warm weather but will do what we can to feel comfortable while we enjoy it.

We also want to be able to keep moving while we enjoy all our summer vacation plans. A nice trip to the beach or a fun day at your local kid's museum can easily be ruined by hurting feet. For those of us still working during the summer, our jobs can feel a little harder in uncomfortable shoes that are also hot. Sneakers are generally a good footwear choice when you know you’ll be moving around all day but sometimes you just want a pair of sandals. You shouldn’t have to pick between a cool summer shoe and a comfortable summer shoe. We keep plenty of different summer styles in our store and one of our current best sellers is the Women’s Yontal Sandal by Gravity Defyer.

Available in green, black, navy, & pink, the Women’s Yontal Sandal will fit with lots of outfits.

Gravity Defyer’s Technology

Gravity Defyer, one of our newer shoe brands, is becoming a fan favorite in our store. We love the colors, designs, and the technologies behind their shoes. Gravity Defyer has two patented technological features that they developed for their shoes. They are termed VersoShock and VersoCloud technologies.

Not all shoes have the same technologies. One of our other popular Gravity Defyer shoes, the XLR8 running shoe, uses VersoCloud while the Yontal uses VersoShock.

VersoCloud can be found in running shoes like the XLR8. It is a material designed to help absorb the impact energy from running. When your feet hit the ground, the shock they take can slow you down. This technology takes the energy it absorbs, recycles it, and boosts energy return to keep you running in comfort.

For running shoes, VersoCloud absorbs the shock to help you run that extra mile. But, what if you’re not running or just want a pair of sandals? The Women’s Yontal sandal doesn’t use VersoCloud technology but instead features Gravity Defyer VersoShock technology. According to a double-blind study by the Olive View UCLA Medical Center, Versoshock technology has proven it can relieve pain in the knees by up to 85%. It can also help to relieve the pain in your feet (up to 75%), ankles (up to 92%), and back (up to 91%) as well. The shock absorption system, helps you stand longer, walk further and be more active in your everyday life. As the heel of your feet hit the ground the spring in the heel starts working to cushion your foot gently. With the design and orthopedic advantages, you’ll soon see why this sandal is a step above.

There are also a variety of select styles of Gravity Defyer that includes their new Hybrid Smart Technology. The Hybrid Smart Technology is the best of both VersoCloud and VersoShock. It combines the shock absorption of VersoCloud and the pain relief of VersoShock to give you ultimate comfort.

VersoShock is one of Gravity Defyer's patented technologies included in the Yontal sandal.

A Great Design

VersoShock isn’t the only great thing about the Women’s Yontal Sandal. The design of the shoe alone makes it a cute, casual, and stylish shoe to wear. The fashionable crisscross construction of the straps does much more than just look appealing. Crisscrossed straps on sandals don’t rub the space between your toes as much as a pair of common flip-flops do. This is a common annoyance with sandals and the Yontal strives to relieve that.

The Yontal also has a light, soft, premium full-grain leather upper. Premium full-grain leather is the highest quality grade of leather. Leather is a very breathable material so it allows air to pass through your shoes. It not only helps keep your feet cool but also stops them from smelling.

The shiny gold buckles and straps on the Yontal are another stylish addition but they also have an important job. Both the buckle and straps are adjustable. This gives you the added ease to ensure the sandal fits properly. Some sandal wearers prefer a loose fit for their shoes while others may prefer a tight fit. The adjustable buckle and strap lets you fit the Yontal to your comfort level.

Lastly, the appealing curved design of the shoe isn’t just for show. The footbed of the Yontal is made of an ultra-soft Eva. It doesn't just look nice, it actually helps the shoe mold to your foot and give each of your steps much needed cushioning.

Even the cute design of the shoe was created to give your feet the support they need.

Orthopedic Advantages

Like all Gravity Deyfer shoes, the Yontal was made for comfort.

Most Gravity Deyfers come with a pair of free Comfort Fit and Corrective Fit orthotic insoles, (except for sandals). The Yontal, like all Gravity Defyer sandals, has the G-Comfort orthotic built right into the shoe. This gives you “superior arch support and full-body alignment to relieve stress”. And don’t forget, we also sell custom orthotics made in our in-store lab to give you the personal touch your feet may need.

Alongside the insole, the heel cup and front rolling design give your feet every possible advantage to keep feeling great all day. The heel cup provides extra stability and support, while the front rolling design reduces the stress on your foot. It does this by isolating 28 bones, 30 joints, and over 100 muscles which helps keep the harm to your feet at a minimum. That’s a lot of work for one pair of shoes but we think it’s worth it! Every feature was designed for your foot health and is a great addition when you're picking a shoe that can keep up with all your summer travel plans.

The Women’s Yontal sandal is a great choice for summer, so great you might want it in more than one color. All month long when you buy one pair of Gravity Deyfers, you’ll get 15% off of the second pair of Gravity Defyer shoes! So go ahead, buy the second pair of shoes. You won’t regret it!


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