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Shoes for a Cause: A Look at Organizations That Provide Footwear for Those in Need

Shoes play an enormous role in our daily lives. We wear them when we step out, and sometimes even while indoors. With their varied styles and colors, they bring us joy and instill confidence. However, owning shoes is often taken for granted. Many people worldwide cannot afford new shoes when necessary, and children may be compelled to wear out-of-date, unattractive hand-me-downs due to financial constraints. To help those in need, we've compiled a list of our five favorite organizations that provide shoes. We've included their mission statements and ways you can become involved.

My 360 Project:

Their mission: My360Project is a non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to providing children’s shoes to millions of underprivileged kids in developing countries. Their mission is to provide shoes, create jobs, wash feet, and offer health and hope to underprivileged communities, with a focus on children in need. Their local artisans use regionally-sourced materials to build shoes, protecting children’s feet and improving their access to education. Inspired by Jesus’ servant leadership, they strive to overcome poverty by serving others. Their shoes are all handmade, locally sourced, and personally delivered.

How you can help: You can go to their webpage and donate financially to the cause or inquire on how you can create a fundraising event. And if you want to take it a “step” further - you can even go on a trip to Mexico to be a part of the team delivering shoes.

Soles 4 Souls:

Their mission:  Soles 4 souls turn shoes and clothing into opportunity by helping people in developing countries launch and sustain their own small businesses by selling donated shoes and clothing. They also believe in protecting the environment by putting used goods to good use and keeping useable materials out of landfills.

Soles 4 Souls provides their assistance in four divisions:

  1. 4Relief - Providing new shoes and clothing to people in crisis

  2. 4Opportunity - Helping people in developing countries escape poverty through entrepreneurship

  3. 4EveryKid - Helping kids that are experiencing homelessness across the U.S. kick off the new school year in confidence.

  4. 4ThePlanet - Extending the life of shoes and clothing that might’ve otherwise been prematurely discarded.

How you can help: There are many ways you can help such as:

  • Donate financially online.

  • Donating shoes at one of their 100's of locations nationwide. You can also ship shoes for free.

  • Starting a shoe drive

  • Volunteering at a donation center.

  • Traveling with Soles 4 Souls to work alongside the teams that deliver the shoes.

  • Becoming an ambassador to increase awareness online'

Shoes that Fit:

Their mission:  Shoes That Fit’s mission is to tackle one of the most visible signs of poverty in America by giving children in need new athletic shoes to attend school with dignity and joy, prepared to learn, play, and thrive.

How you can help: By donating financially, donating a pair of shoes, establish a fundraiser, or become a corporate partner.

In Jacobs Shoes:

Their mission: The mission of In Jacob’s Shoes is to provide new and gently used shoes, socks, school supplies and athletic gear to local children in need. Since its inception in 2009, In Jacob’s Shoes® has provided support to the following charities, schools, shelters, and agencies and has delivered over 228,288 pairs of shoes, 60,398 pairs of socks, and 11,720 backpacks with school supplies to children and families in their care.

How you can help: By donating financially, donating an item off their wish-list online, volunteer at one of their locations, or become a sponsor.

Hav a Sole:

Their mission: Hav A Sole’s mission is to provide marginalized populations with quality footwear to encourage healthier lifestyles. Since 2014 we have given over 65,000 pairs of shoes in 40 cities while touching thousands of lives

How you can help: By donating financially to their website or sending in a pair of gently used sneakers.

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