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Your Guide To: How To Gift Shoes For Christmas

Isn't it crazy that there are only eighteen more shopping days left until Christmas Day? That still gives you plenty of time to mark off friends and family on your Christmas lists though. While we always like to remember that Jesus is the reason for the season, we still find so much joy in buying, wrapping, and giving presents at Christmas time. One present idea you don't often consider for Christmas is a brand new pair of shoes. We know shoes might not be something you find easy to purchase for someone else , while it can be hard, it is possible. If you're struggling, this guide about how to gift shoes for Christmas is just what you need. So prop up your feet, grab a glass of eggnog and let's dive in.

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Birkenstock Boston Shearling Shoes for Christmas
Put a pair of Birkenstock Shearlings under your tree.

What Shoes Do We Suggest

A gift of shoes can be whatever shoes you like. It just depends on what you think the person needs. Do they live somewhere like our hometown of Jacksonville, Florida? Then summer shoes like flip flops or sandals are perfect for the Floridian who frequents the beach or pool. If you're giving shoes to a friend who lives up north, something warmer may be a better option. A nice pair of warm boots or sneakers would be a suitable choice. Don't forget to consider the person's style as well.

If you need ideas for shoes, we have a few favorites we think would make excellent presents for Christmas. Our current shoe of the month, the Birkenstock Boston Shearling, is a cozier version with genuine shearling lining the footbed and the upper. Sherling is a type of sheepskin obtained from a young lamb. The classic Birkenstock Boston needs a nice pair of wool socks to help keep your feet warm, but with the shearling lining, a regular pair of socks will do. This winter version of the shoe has the same legendary original Birkenstock footbed made from cork with arch support, heel mold, and an upper made of suede. The shearling lining is the perfect addition to make these comfortable winter shoes.

  • Anatomically shaped cork-latex footbed

  • Upper: suede

  • Footbed lining: genuine shearling

  • Sole: EVA

  • Details: strap with an individually adjustable metal pin buckle

  • “Made in Germany”

Upper material: Suede

The suede is made from split leather with a napped finish. It has a velvety surface and is very soft to the touch. It also boasts a high moisture absorption capacity.

Footbed material: Cork

Cork is a sustainable material extracted from the bark layer of the cork oak. This natural product is insulating and offers very good cushioning.

Outsole: EVA

EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) is a high-quality, very light, elastic material with extremely good cushioning. As a result, it smooths out slight irregularities in the floor and ensures that every step is softly cushioned.

Need more shoe ideas? If you're looking for an idea for someone who loves fashionable shoes, we recommend the Papillio Mary by Birkenstock. It gives the height and style of a heel but is more supportive and comfortable. Need a sneaker option? The New Balance 840v5, one of our previous shoes of the month, and is ideal for your new year's resolution to run more.

Why Shoes Are A Good Present

When it comes to apparel, there are quite a few things we don't need. Shoes are not one of those things. Shoes are an important part of your apparel. Proper shoes are essential in achieving the correct walking posture. Think of shoes as a tool, without them, you could hurt more than just your feet.

Since shoes are so important, they are always something anyone on your Christmas shopping list will need. Children will outgrow their shoes quickly and need new ones often. While adults may think they never need new shoes, getting new shoes at least yearly will benefit their foot health. Some types of shoes last longer than others, but no shoe will last forever. All shoes will eventually worsen to the point of being a hindrance to your feet.

How to Know What They Like

For kids, your spouse, or a friend you steal shoes from constantly, it is easier to know what they want or need. It gets a little more difficult for someone with a shoe collection you don't know. It shouldn't stop you from wanting to gift them a pair of shoes. It simply takes being smart about finding out what they like. A good idea for finding out someone's style is to search for shoes while they watch. You can see if they like the shoes without them knowing or getting suspicious. You could also ask for their opinion on a pair of shoes for yourself, to find out what they think. While you're snooping around and finding out what shoes they like, you'll also need to see what size they wear.

Birkenstock Boston and Birkenstock Arizona
We have a style of shoe for everyone.

How to Find Out Their Size

Finding someone's shoe size is a much easier endeavor than it sounds. It's easier than finding out what styles of shoes they like. While spending time at their home, you could ask to borrow a pair of their shoes. You could also make a detour during a bathroom trip and inspect their shoe collection. It may seem like a simple step but it's an important one when buying someone a pair o shoes.

Add Some Accessories

Once you know the style and size, be sure to let us help you pick the perfect shoes. But before that, a good pair of shoes needs a few accessories. If buying sneakers, you could consider grabbing a pair of socks. Second wind socks, a brand we carry, comes in different colors and is fitted by your shoe size. You might want to add a pair of insoles to your order as well. We stock a variety of insoles in our store, the Cadence brand insole being one of them. You could also recommend they get fitted for a pair of custom orthotics ( a prescription and appointment are required). Over-the-counter orthotics are suitable, but custom orthotics are the best option for insoles. Made in-store, our custom orthotics will fit their specific foot perfectly and give their new shoes that extra layer of comfort.

When All Else Fails

Even after all that work, it may not be possible to find some people a pair of shoes they will like. Fortunately, there's still a way to gift them a pair of shoes for Christmas. Buying a gift card makes it easy to give someone shoes if you can't figure out what they like. Stop in our store, purchase a gift card for the amount you want, grab a card at Gretchen's Hallmark, and you're finished. Even better, for the whole month of December, we're running a promor for $10 off your next purchase when you buy a gift card.

Boger's Shoes gift card Shoes for Christmas

A pair of shoes will always be something we all need. They're essential for most sports and they make a great outfit even better. Buying them for someone can make for a great Christmas present that is more than just comfortable or stylish but useful. Don't forget to include a gift receipt, just in case. So give us a call, send an email, or stop in the store today. We would love to help you pick out the perfect pair.


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