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6 Socks That Will Have Your Feet Feeling Wonderful

With Christmas right around the corner, we're sure all your stockings are stuffed by the chimney with care, and Santa Claus will soon be here. If they're anything like ours, your stockings are filled with sweet candy treats and fun little gifts. There's just something about a filled stocking that adds even more Christmas cheer to the season. As a shoe store, stockings make us think of something else. Socks! Who wouldn't consider a stocking just a big sock? You may not know it, but the right pair of socks can be helpful for your feet. Here are 6 of our favorite socks that will have your feet feeling wonderful!

Why are socks important?

Socks are more than just an addition to your shoes to make them look good. While socks come in a variety of colors and patterns, they also play an important role in your footwear. They give your feet an added layer of protection, comfort, moisture control, and odor reduction. Socks protect your feet by adding a layer of material to reduce friction and prevent blisters. They can add comfort with added features such as arch support, compression, or a cushioned sole. Socks with moisture control keep the sweat from building up in your shoes and causing fungus or blisters. Lastly, odor reduction in socks helps keep your shoes and feet from smelling.

Types of Socks

There are plenty of types of socks with different benefits you can buy. What kind of socks you pick will depend on your foot needs. Athletic, compression, bamboo, and diabetic socks are 4 of the sock types we carry in store. Athletic socks are generally thicker and more helpful than regular all-purpose socks. They also use a fabric of a higher quality to prevent blisters. Compression socks are great for athletes, pregnant women, and people who stand at work all day. The socks are made to squeeze your legs and improve circulation. Bamboo socks are made from fibers extracted from bamboo. It gives the socks a superabsorbent quality that keeps moisture away from the skin. Finally, diabetic socks have a looser top and don't fit too tight around the foot and ankle. Each sock has a unique feature to help aid your feet while wearing shoes. Some socks even have a mixture of different features, such as compression socks made from bamboo.

OS1st Socks, Diabetic Sock, Socks
More OS1st socks, the Wellness and Wide Wellness Performance Socks

OS1st TA4 Thin Air Sock

OS1st Thin Air Performance Socks are one of Boger's athletic socks. They're designed to protect your feet while running, walking, or being active. OS1st socks pair perfectly with running shoes like the New Balance 840v5.

OS1st TA4 Thin Air Performance Socks feature never before applied technology to keep your feet cool and protected during any activity. Created using 200n medical grade machinery and materials, we can build in comfort, durability, and blister protection, yet with the thinnest upper foot profile ever made. The "Thin SkinTM" construction with uniquely positioned lift bars, maximizes airflow achieving a cooling sensation to your feet.

Targeted Conditions:

  • Blister protection

  • Sore/achy feet

  • Hypersensitivity

  • Overheating

Performance Features:

  • Maximum airflow

  • Skin ThinTM design

  • Allows for natural toe splay

  • Heat release

  • Lift bars for max airflow

  • Anti-bacterial

  • Ultra-light

  • Wear alone or paired with OS1st TA6 Thin AirTM Calf Sleeves

OS1st AC4 Active comfort sock

Another athletic sock, the OS1st AC4 Active comfort sock, is similar to the TA4 Thin Air Sock. The AC4 Active is made with a bamboo charcoal cushion that gives them the comfort their name boasts.

Made for staying comfortable all day and during any activity with plush bamboo charcoal cushion at the heel and toe and ultra-thin Skin Thin™ cooling panels on the top. For the best fit, it is important to use the size chart before ordering.

  • Extra cushion in the heel and toe

  • Bamboo charcoal ionized fibers for durable softness

  • Ultra-thin top panel to regulate temperature and increase airflow

Tab Socks, Second Wind Tab Sock, Socks
Tab Socks are similar to no show socks but with an extra tab of fabric to prevent the shoe from rubbing against the back of your heel.

Second Wind Tab Socks

2nd Wind Tab socks are one of our more popular brands of socks. An athletic sock with arch support, they're available in 6 different colors.


- NanoGLIDE® anti-friction yarn helps eliminate blisters, rapid drying

-Double Tab helps protect against blisters and abrasion

-Mesh venting for increased breathability and ventilation

-Arch Support band for targeted support

-Seam-free toe eliminates irritating ridge – no blisters

-High needle count for ultra-fine flat knitted fabric. Soft, smooth, better fit & enhanced durability.

-Made in the USA!!

Comfortiva Compression Wellness Sock

If you require compression socks, Comfortiva's Compression Wellness Sock should be your pick. Compression socks can be worn all day without worry but should be removed before you go to sleep.

Our 12 - 14 mmHg Graduated Compression socks are perfect for an active lifestyle, travel, pregnancy, and at work. The comfortable welt top band gives a superior fit. One size fits most. Fits up to 20-inch calf size.

  • Promotes healthy blood circulation

  • Aids in reducing swelling and fatigue due to prolonged periods of sitting

  • Minimizes risk of varicose and spider veins

  • Aids in recovery after yoga, pilates, barre, and other activities

  • Aids in faster muscle recovery

Anodyne No. 9 Sock, Diabetic Sock, Socks
The Anodyne No. 9 is a meticulously designed diabetic sock.

Anodyne no. 9 sock

People with diabetes have delicate feet. They need soft socks, that won't rub against their skin, and aren't tight around their ankles. Anodyne no. 9 is very well made. Each sock is fit for the left and right foot and its impact absorption makes it great for being active.

Meticulously designed with diabetics in mind, our socks are the perfect combination of comfort, fit, and functionality.

When you wear our socks, you may not think about the ergonomics of the construction, the anatomical contours of the weave, or the functionality of the materials, but you’ll know they are the best socks you’ve EVER worn.


  • Anatomical left/right fit

  • Supportive arch

  • Light gradient compression

  • Seamless construction

  • Impact absorbing padding

  • Silver-infused, ultra-soft microfiber nylon and high-bulk acrylic blend

Softstep Diabetic socks

Another diabetic sock the Anodyne no 9, Softstep diabetic socks include all similar features to the Anodyne no. 9 as well as coming in multiple colors and different sock heights.

Our most reasonably priced Diabetic Sock!

  • Non-restrictive top extends to the mid-calf

  • A natural color made of unbleached cotton as prescribed by doctors

  • Also, available in Black, Navy, Brown, Beige, and Grey

  • Crew style with full heel and toe for comfort

  • Also available in Ankle-High Style

  • Full cushion lining for easy walking

  • Low profile seam in the toe area to reduce irritation. Each sock goes through a special process to create a nice, flat seam.

  • Reversible - either the cushion side or the smooth side can be worn next to the skin

  • Machine Wash and Dry, Gentle Cycle, No Bleach

Diabetic Socks for Men & Women Available in 6 Colors in Mid-Calf Crew or Ankle Length.


Socks can be a fun addition to your shoe collection. A comfortable pair of running sneakers and a good pair of socks can be a great combination. Whatever sock type you need, Boger's Shoes is happy to help you find the perfect pair. Are you picking up a pair of shoes for a gift? Consider adding a pair of socks to your purchase. Can't decide on a pair of socks? Buy a gift card instead and they can pick out their own socks. For the whole month of December, we're running a promo for $10 off your next purchase when you buy a gift card.

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