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5 Great Sneaker Benefits to be Thankful for

Sneakers are soft shoes with rubber soles worn for sports or casual occasions. Whether it's jumping hurdles in track and field, kicking a soccer ball past defenders or pairing them with your favorite outfit, sneakers are a popular addition to a shoe collection . Designed originally for school children to wear for P.E, they've become the preferred shoe for anything athletic. Some shoe owners only have one pair of sneakers for when they know they'll be walking or standing for an extended amount of time. Others might be among the crowd of people who have a collection of sneakers that match every outfit. Whatever the reason, sneakers are actually great shoes to own and have great benefits for your feet.

Table of Contents

Where Did Sneakers Come From?

What Are Our Favorite Sneakers

The Benefits of Wearing Sneakers

Sneakers Provide Support for Your Legs

They Are Lightweight

Sneakers are Durable Versatile They're Breathable

Where Did Sneakers Come From?

Sneakers were invented in the late 18th century. Back then, they were called plimsolls but weren't designed well. Left or right foot hadn't even been defined. The U.S. Rubber Company created a more comfortable rubber sneaker that featured a canvas top around 1892 and began being mass-produced by 1917.

Did You Know: Sneakers got their nickname because they were so quiet, you could sneak up on someone while wearing them.

The first shoe produced for just basketball was the Converse All-Stars. They were renamed in 1923 after Indiana basketball star Chuck Taylor. Sneakers started to really take off when Michael Jordan signed his iconic contract with Nike for the Air Jordans. They are now the most famous sneakers ever made. Sneakers are now made for every sport, including walking, skateboarding and cross-training.

What Are Our Favorite Sneakers

Repeat customers know one of our favorite shoe brands is New Balance. New Balance is also among the most popular shoe brands in America. As a sneaker, it is a very popular option for walkers and runners. Quite a few of our employees actually wear a pair of New Balance shoes while they're working. Next time you're in our store, take a look at our feet.

We've featured a variety of New Balance shoes over the years and this month's Shoe of The Month is the New Balance 840v5. The 840v5 is one of the most recent versions of New Balance's 840 styles. It's not only designed for running but has a great sense of style. The 840v5 comes in men's and women's sizes.

New Balance 840v5 Features

  • ABZORB midsole absorbs impact through a combination of cushioning and compression resistance

  • Soft and breathable synthetic mesh upper with stretch for a comfortable and supportive fit and feel

  • Durable rubber outsole

  • Adjustable lace closure for a customized fit

  • 12 mm drop; due to variances created during the development and manufacturing processes, all references to 12 mm drop are approximate

New Balance sneakers may be one of our favorites but other brands we carry have great sneaker options. The Vionic MiIes Active Sneaker is a nice casual sneaker. The Gravity Defyer's Mightly Walk is, as the name states, made for walking. And for kids, any of our Tsukihoshi brand shoes will give them that extra support during gym glass.

The Benefits of Wearing Sneakers

Shoes, for the most part, provide your feet with comfort so they cause you less pain during the day. Some shoes like heels or cheap flip flops will cause foot pain after a while. Because Sneakers were made for activities that cause strain on your feet, the benefits of wearing them are many but here are only 5 of them.

1. Sneakers Provide Support for Your Legs

Your feet may be the main support for your whole body but your legs do a lot of work as well. When shoes don't distribute pressure correctly it affects your tendons, muscles and joints. This can make its way up your legs and cause issues with posture and balance. While doing any kind of exercise, sneakers provide the support you need while moving. For instance, other types of shoes don't give you the stability you need for jumping over multiple high hurdles during a track meet. Sneakers that are designed for running ensure your feet and legs aren't effected by the energy return from landing when you jump. They give you the cushion required for a safe landing and won't cause your feet pain.

2. They Are Lightweight

You could argue there are much lighter shoes than a pair of sneakers. Flip-flops or flats, for example, are likely the lightest shoes you can wear. It also matters what materials the shoes are made of. Leather shoes are the heaviest material shoes are made from. While sneakers may weigh between 1 and 2 pounds, that weight is distributed around your feet. This helps your feet and body feel lighter when practicing your basketball moves or while scoring the winning goal in soccer.

New Balance 840v5 Thankful

3. Sneakers are Durable

How durable your shoes are depends on the shape, materials and soles. In most cases, once a pair of sneakers have worn down, repairs aren't recommended. Fortunately, sneakers were made to be durable since they were made for high activity. Running, jumping or walking are all hard actions on any shoe. Knowing this, sneakers were designed to make sure the soles can withstand the constant strain.

4. Versatile

One of the nicest benefits of sneakers is how versatile they can be. They work well with a variety of different styles of clothing and different occasions. Sneakers can get you to work in the morning, to a dinner with friends or a concert in the park. If paired properly, you could even wear them to a wedding. A nice suit isn't ruined with the right pair of sneakers. They also fit right in with any kind of athletic wear. And we can't forget the popular pairing of sneakers with a pair of blue jeans. Fans of sneakers will find it fun to choose different styles of sneakers to complement their styles, colors and situations.

5. They're Breathable

Finally, sneakers are breathable. Breathability in shoes means the fabric allows water vapor to escape but still repels water at the same time. Breathability benefits any type of shoe but is especially important for sneakers.

The New Balance 840v5 features a breathable synthetic mesh upper with stretch for a comfortable and supportive fit and feel.

When doing demanding exercise, sweat can't be avoided. Sweat doesn't simply develop in the common places like the forehead or underarms but on your feet as well. Sneakers made from breathable materials will allow air to enter and leave your shoes. This decreases the amount of water which keeps your feet from being drenched in sweat. Sweaty feet can smell which causes your shoes to smell and can even cause skin infections.

This time of year, as we get closer to Thanksgiving, there's a lot to be thankful for. We're always thankful for our freedom, family, friends, and every single one of our customers. Shoes may seem like a small thing to consider but without them, our feet would be worse off. There are even more benefits we could name for sneakers but we hope these 5 give you something to think about.

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