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4 things you should know about the Birkenstock Boston

If you've been a customer of ours for a while, you're aware of how much our Boger's Shoes’ family loves Birkenstocks. It's hard not to love a brand with shoes in so many different styles, colors, and sizes. Not to mention every shoe was designed by expert shoemakers to be supportive and comfortable.

One fan-favorite we've featured before is the well-known Birkenstock Arizona. The Birkenstock Arizona is a flip flop that's great for the summer months. It's a comfortable sandal that will not only keep your feet feeling cool but comfortable as well. There's even a style that's waterproof and perfect for the beach. Right now, though, it's wintertime in most places, including here in Jacksonville, Florida. What instead do we recommend for the Birkenstock lover to wear for the cold weather we are currently experiencing? The Birkenstock Boston, of course.

If you're a Birkenstock addict like us, there's a good chance you've heard of the Birkenstock Boston. We bet there are probably a few things you don't know about the Birkenstock Boston or other Birkenstocks shoes. So here are 5 things we think you should know.

"The Birkenstock Boston clog is a veritable classic that can easily be worn all year round."

The Birkenstock Boston's Features

Before we delve into our four things you should know, let's talk about the Birkenstock Boston's features.

Like other Birkenstocks, the Boston has Birkenstock's patented footbed. Birkenstock's footbed can be found in every one of their shoes. On their website, they state "The construction, which has been thought out to the smallest detail and makes it feel like you're standing in sand, helps your feet feel as comfortable as possible for hours on end. This supports health and promotes wellbeing.". So, every part of the Boston's footbed, like the deep heel cup, the heel mold, the toe grip, and the transverse arch support are all a vital part of every Birkenstock shoe.

However, there is a detail that is specific to the Birkenstock Boston and that's its design. The Boston is a clog, so it's a closed toe, unlike the Birkenstock Arizona. It has one strap with an adjustable metal buckle to give you a better fit. This is helpful since the Birkenstock Boston is a unisex shoe. It slips on easily when you are ready to get going and off when it's time to put your shoes away.

1. Should I get them fitted?

We've mentioned before how many bones, muscles, and tendons are in your feet. All of those different parts sit differently in every person's foot. This means the way your shoes fit you can be different from how it fits someone with the same size feet as you. The material a shoe is made of, or if you're wearing socks, can also affect the fit of your shoes. This is why someone who wears a size 8, for example, will feel great in one shoe brand, but the same size will feel too tight or too loose in another. You should also wear socks while getting your shoes fitted if you plan on wearing socks with your shoes. This way, when fitted, your shoes will feel comfortable with your socks.

Those same size 8 feet we mentioned above may also change size. Even as an adult your shoe size can change for different reasons. If it's been a while since you've bought shoes, get your feet sized to make sure they haven’t changed to make sure your new shoes will fit properly. It's also possible for one foot to be larger than another. Having different-sized feet is more common than both feet being the same size and normally the left one is bigger. If you feel like one of your feet is ill-fitted, use this tip: If the difference in foot size is less than 1 1/2, you can buy your shoes in the bigger size and put an insole in the smaller shoe. If the difference is more than 1 1/2 you should consider two different sized shoes.

Birkenstocks come in regular/wide or medium/narrow fit and sizes range from 4 - 4.5 to 12 - 12.5 in women’s and from 6 - 6.5 to 17 -17.5 in men’s. At Boger's Shoes, our certified pedorthists and shoe fitters can ensure your shoes are fitted comfortably and properly to your feet.

2. Do you need to break them in?

If you've made sure your new Birkenstocks are fitted to your feet, the next step is to break them in. You may have tried a pair of Birkenstocks before and felt anything but comfortable. Someone may have told you how comfortable their Birkenstocks are and let you try them, and you disagreed. Well, don't let that discourage you from trying Birkenstocks again with this information in mind. Birkenstocks are designed to fit each person's foot differently. So, a friend's shoe that feels comfortable on their feet has a high chance of being uncomfortable on yours. Both of your feet are very different. This means that they do require time to be broken in before you achieve the bragged-about level of comfort.

Instead of wearing your new Birkenstock Bostons all day, try to limit your time in them. While breaking them in, do not wear your Birkenstock clogs for so long your feet are in horrible pain just to break them in quicker. Wear them ,instead, for an hour or two a day while you are walking, shopping, or going about your day. Extend this process to a week or two and your clogs will become more comfortable as you break them in. If you dedicate the time to breaking your Birkenstocks in, it'll be well worth the wait.

3. Why socks and stocks?

Birkenstock Boston's with warm socks
Thick socks go great with a pair of Birkenstock Bostons

Now that you have fitted and broken in your Birkenstock Bostons, what's next? Socks or no socks? We think this decision is a preference when it comes to any kind of Birkenstocks. It is currently considered trendy to pair your Birkenstocks with socks, but there are still two sides to that camp. Some people will sing the praises of their Birkenstock Boston, Arizona, or other Birkenstock styles when paired with warm socks. While others will have a very strong opinion on why not to wear socks with your Birks. In the end, it's really up to you.

However, we will say after taking the time to break in your Birkenstocks, you'll want to wear them all the time. When it gets cold, a pair of wooly socks and Birkenstock Bostons can be a great cold-weather shoe. Your feet will appreciate still being comfortable while also being warm. So, you make the decision. It's up to you.

4. Be Aware of Fakes

Finally, the most important thing you should know about any kind of Birkenstock is to be aware of fakes. Unfortunately, there are quite a few businesses selling knock-off Birkenstocks online. It can be hard to know if a retailer is selling authentic Birkenstocks. For stores located in the United States, like ours, Birkenstock lists all of its authorized sellers on their website. If you search our zip code (32204) or search Jacksonville, Florida, Boger's Shoes shows up on the list of results. You can feel safe knowing we are an authorized seller. If a retailer isn't on this list and they are located in the United States, do not purchase any Birkenstock shoes from them.

If you're located outside of the United States, you can either purchase shoes from the US authorized sellers or do some research on your local business to ensure they aren't selling you fake Birkenstocks.

Stop in today and we'll fit you with a pair of authentic Birkenstock Boston shoes.

Available in Taupe and Black

  • Original BIRKENSTOCK soft footbed; anatomically shaped

  • Upper: suede

  • Footbed lining: suede

  • Sole: EVA

  • Details: one strap with an individually adjustable metal pin buckle; soft footbed

  • “Made in Germany”


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